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Business Areas


I have focused on the topics listed below to provide you with reliable and competent advice as you plan developments or changes in your business.

ERP / Merchandise Management

All of your company’s processes associated with the flow of goods must be monitored, tracked, analyzed and documented with a data management system. Efficient processes and very powerful ERP systems are needed to handle these tasks with precision and speed.

We support you and your employees

  • in analyzing the system environment and in redesigning your ERP processes to allow you to optimize qualitative aspects, time and cost factors as well as your service.
  • in finding vulnerabilities and developing solutions. To do this, we review existing structures from a neutral perspective.
  • in finding and implementing the ERP system which allow your business to adapt to all market-related changes and remain competitive.

Completed projects: C&A, Esprit, Karstadt, BHP Billiton, Home Shopping Europe, Haufe Lexware

Logistics / Fulfillment

The key to maximizing potential cost reductions is transparent mapping and control of your company’s logistics and fulfillment processes.

Our consultants can help you analyze your structure and workflow as well as the information systems you currently use to identify opportunities for improvement and potential vulnerabilities. We will then work with you to design an optimal solution.

KIZILOCAK offers logistics and fulfillment consulting that will optimize and reorganize the flows of materials and information throughout your organization, including

  • procurement
  • warehousing
  • distribution
  • retail logistics
  • order management
  • payments &
    acc. receivables
  • track & trace
  • supplier management
  • customer delivery

Completed projects: C&A, Esprit, Home Shopping Europe, Karstadt, BAUR Fulfillment

E-Commerce / Mail Order

As the age of the internet and smartphones progresses, direct customer contact is shifting more and more to indirect forms of communication.

Products are now offered in online shops, ordered through smartphone apps, and then sent to the customer, who saves time, effort and money in the process.

Being able to browse for and order items in one’s living room is a comfortable convenience and represents companies significant potential to grow sales.

The indirect communication with online and mail order customers comes with a level of complexity often underestimated. Important issues in e-business include:

  • keeping the webshop’s content current
  • fulfilling customer orders
  • handling customer inquiries and complaints
  • receiving online payments and running credit checks on customers
  • online data security
  • system availability

KIZILOCAK Consulting is your expert partner as you address the challenges of e-commerce and mail order. We’ll work together with you and share our knowledge as you prepare for the future!

Completed projects: Esprit, Home Shopping Europe, Karstadt, BAUR Fulfillment


No customers = no business and therefore = no future.

KIZILOCAK Consulting will help you build a sustainable and profitable relationship with your customers by

  • helping you develop a CRM strategy individually tailored to your company’s needs
  • analyzing your processes and uncovering potential for optimization,
  • helping you develop and implement concepts for the measures you decide to take and
  • assisting you in implementing CRM systems.

Completed projects: Home Shopping Europe, maxchoice

Call Center / Customer Care

In distance selling, there is no face-to-face communication with one’s customers. As a rule, customers are provided with a call center number if they have issues.

The integration of call center processes and systems into existing organizations will be a particular challenge, given the growing demand for CRM. Therefore, consistent, efficient processes and integrated systems are all the more important.

We offer our special expertise in customer care in the following areas:

  • order processing
  • accounts receivable management
  • delivery agreements
  • track & trace
  • product consulting
  • after-sales service

Completed projects: Home Shopping Europe, Karstadt, BAUR Fulfillment

Multichannel Sales

Products make their way to customers via multiple channels. More and more consumers are using different distribution channels to meet their needs and often very different customer segments are addressed by the different channels.

The challenge is to address every potential buyer through the right channel and integrate all sales and communication channels.

All of these processes need a networked system, from which all information collected, processed and extrapolated can be clearly presented to be correspond to all of the possible channels. We support you in your project.

Completed projects: Esprit, Home Shopping Europe, Karstadt

Software Selection

The vast range of software solutions and the ever-changing market structures which necessitate flexible reactions pose a major challenge when companies seek to select the right IT system.

Many factors must be considered, including the desired effect, the initial investment and operating costs.

The following roadmap has shown itself to be a useful standard procedure:

  • define and rank selection criteria
  • conduct market research with the goal of limiting the choice of software solutions to 10–15
  • soliciting bids
  • further refinement to 3-5 vendors based on the bids submitted
  • selecting the optimal solution based on the providers’ final presentations

I will bring my knowledge of processes and systems to the table as I guide you through these steps.

Completed projects: C&A, Esprit, ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice


Smooth, automated and secure: that’s how a company’s payment processes should run, perfectly integrated into existing processes and system landscape.

We provide support with billing, invoicing, collections, and credit checks.

With years of experience and an eye for the core of comprehensive and networked structures, we cover all technical aspects of payment processing.

We help you optimize your processes to ensure you meet the challenges of payment processing and can implement innovative, customized solutions for efficient and competitive payment processes and systems.

Completed projects: maxchoice, Haufe Lexware, ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice

Enterprise Content Management

The complexity of your corporate structure is reflected today in a mass of data and documents. The data are in all sorts of formats or sometimes not even in digital form, making the further processing or finding information very difficult.

The challenge lies in the central storage of this data and integrating it into the company’s business processes.

If you need enterprise content management and/or document management services, please contact us.

We will help you analyze vulnerabilities, identify potential improvements, create concepts, and select and implement ECM and DMS systems.

Completed projects: ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice


The growth and development of any industry and business sector follows its own internal set of rules and are closely connected with the changing needs of end users, emerging distribution channels as well as different ways of communicating with customers.

My work in retail and wholesale trade, consumer products, logistics and fulfillment, e-commerce and mail order as well as in software development and systems companies gives me the opportunity to apply practical, theoretical knowledge and develop a feeling for structures, strategies and relationships which I tailor to the needs of every job.

Retail and Consumer Goods

To be competitive on the retail market requires being attractive to customers, continuous optimization of processes, being ready to adapt to the constantly changing market structures and motivated employees.

We use our many years of experience in this field to advise and support you as you develop the necessary strategies for success. We draw on our knowledge of all forms of retailing with respect to all structures and internal processes.

We provide analyses, develop new approaches, plan their implementation and support you as you introduce them within your company.

We are able to provide companies large and small support with time-limited individual projects or long-term, complex projects.

Customers: C&A, Esprit, Home Shopping Europe, Karstadt

Service Sector

Like no other sector, service providers rise or fall based on the individual impressions and subjective opinions of customers about the advice and support they receive from your company.

That’s why all of your processes have to run smoothly and be oriented to first and foremost to the needs of the customer if you want to provide them perfect service.

KIZILOCAK Consulting offers support to optimize the existing processes in your company, find the right strategy for your services and advise you in the subsequent selection of appropriate system structures.

Being flexible, able to adapt quickly and perceive what customers want are key elements that must be consistent and consistently improving in a healthy company. This requires appropriate IT systems that meet these requirements.

Rely on our expertise to help you analyze and update your system architecture. We will find the right service-oriented solutions that allow you to create and exploit competitive advantages.

Customers: ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice, BAUR Fulfillment, maxchoice

Industry and Raw Materials

Oversaturation of markets, rising commodity prices and commodity shortages leave almost no room for productive improvement or cost savings.

Marketing strategies and flexible cost structures may contribute to a partial improvement, but real long-term solutions can only be on the basis of process innovation. New products and an efficient corporate strategy create new solutions and transform your business.

We bring our expertise and custom solutions as we accompany you in  every step as you develop a new corporate strategy and change your IT system architecture.

Process consulting and the technical information needed to make the required changes are as much part of our mission as monitoring and guidance in the areas of support and service.

This will lead to the formation of new, future-oriented structures within your company that will be based on the needs of people and the environment.

Customers: BHP Billiton

Media und Software

In the age of computer technology, the needs and demands of consumers have fundamentally changed, as can be seen within the media industry. Getting your message to customers is no longer limited to print. Customers are now best reached via their computers, cell phones and online, all new means of communication with end users that will help determine the success of your company.

Media companies are confronted with the task of having to tailor specific content perfectly to the various communication channels so end users can access it. This often requires a redesign of ongoing internal processes or changes within the organizational structure and IT. Any change in the market may require prompt and flexible restructuring within existing systems.

We provide guidance in advertising management and optimization of editorial processes. We also support you as you develop new distribution channels, manage subscriber relationships and expand editorial skills.

Customers: Haufe-Lexware